Rocket Launches have been used a secondary weapon besides tanks by military personnel to have the firepower needed against enemy forces while on foot in combat. Rocket Launchers allow the military to be more mobile and to be able to spread their ground while searching for the enemy and having something that will be able to shoot down larger targets as well. This is why they have nicknamed that rocket launcher bunker busters. 

Atlantic Diving Supply Incorporated has received 17.6 million dollars in additional funding along with the already granted money to the U.S. Defense Department to build new, modified rocket launchers called the SMAW Mod 2 rocket launchers. These rocket launchers allow military personnel to use the weapons inside of more enclosed areas without causing harm by the back blast that occurs when firing off the weapon.

The rocket launcher is a great resource to have in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan because of the many buildings and more enclosed spaces in the area that the military has to cover when looking for their enemies. The missiles used in these rocket launchers have included the thermo baric warhead as well as the dual-purpose High Explosive Anti-Tank warhead.

Atlantic Diving Supply Incorporated will begin working on these rocket launchers through September 7th, 2018 in New Hampshire and Lynchburg, Virginia so the armed forces will be even better equipped to be able to handle the bad guys while on foot in more enclosed places across the world.

The U.S. Defense Department will be getting a total of 452 new rocket launchers in all by September 7th, 2018 to better man the men and women of the armed forces in battle.

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